Why Schade’s Sunshine?


Recently, I participated in an Insights Discovery workshop with colleagues at work. This self awareness journey helps you understand yourself and others, and with this understanding, you can work better together.  There are four colors that represent four facets of your personality.  In our workshop, we had to place a chart on our backs, and our colleagues placed a color on your chart they felt best represented your personality.

  • Cool Blue – introverted and have a desire to know and understand the world around them. They prefer written communication in order to maintain clarity and precision, radiating a desire for analysis.
  • Earth Green – focus on values and depth in relationships. They want others to be able to rely on them. They prefer democratic relations that value the individual and are personal in style, radiating a desire for understanding.
  • Sunshine Yellow – strongly extroverted, radiant, and friendly. They are usually positive and concerned with good human relations. They will approach others in a persuasive, democratic manner, radiating a desire for sociability.
  • Fiery Red – extroverted and have high energy. They are action oriented and always in motion. They will approach others in a direct, authoritative manner, radiating a desire for power and control.

Every single person in the room placed a Sunshine Yellow on my back. I reflected on that. My actual report included highest scores in both Red and Yellow, yet the Sunshine Yellow is how my colleagues viewed me.  Learning more about the meaning on the colors, I realized how important it is for me to collaborate with others, celebrate successes, and share my experiences.  So that is where Schade’s Sunshine, the name of my blog, was born.

The experiences I’d like to share in the blog include 3 key topics:

  1. Connecting – this includes both referrals and introductions to help each other.  If I can save you time, money and energy because of my experiences or my connections, I want to do that.  For example, I have a real estate license but am not an active agent. I got my license when I was the VP of Marketing and Technology at ReeceNichols Real Estate.  The license helped me better understand the business, and the job helped me better understand the various types of agents.  With my license and network, I am able to make real estate referrals. Potential Customers that need an agent can get my expert opinion on which agent would work best with their personality.  And agents that need customers appreciate being hand selected based on their work ethic, style and knowledge.  Through this blog, I hope to find and share ways to connect my networks – from real estate to marketing to personal interests.
  2. Community –  I am fortunate. I have a wonderful family, friends, home, job and  health. I believe it is my duty to give back to the community, to teach my kids empathy, and to lead by example.  I donate my time, talents and money to support the community. Examples include holding a leadership position on the Goodwill Board of Directors, the United Way of Greater KC’s Women United Affinity Organization, C-Tech Summit Advisory Board, my Church Communications and Visitation Teams, and support of my kids schools and extra curricular activities. Through this blog, I hope to find ways to inspire others to give back to our wonderful community.
  3. Marketing Musings –   With 20 years in marketing under my belt across various industries  (Social Expressions, Licensing, Entertainment, Music, Real Estate & Logistics) and across various customers (Independent Retailers, Walmart, Walgreen’s, CVS, Kroger, Safeway, Real Estate Agents, Home buyers & sellers, and business that ship freight)  I look forward to sharing the truths that span across the very different opportunities. I have learned how important it is to find the core brand truth of your company, how to best engage your clients, customers and employees to become your advocates through a deep connection, and that measurement is critical for success. I hope to share the things I have learned and mistakes I have made that will spark a new idea.

Cheers this new adventure! I hope to spark a ray of sunshine for you  — through an idea, a connection, or by shining a light on some awesome people I have had the pleasure of knowing through my journey.