Need a Spark?

Want to add some excitement and energy into your professional life? A little extra oomph to your day? Volunteer to mentor, coach, and support other professionals! Yes – we all need help and encouragement, so give some! I promise you will get something amazing back in return. There are countless ways to add a little zip to your day and share what you know.

Join a professional team, board, club or group. I joined a group of highly engaged entrepreneurial spirits through the C-Tech Summit Board, a board of professionals committed to bringing business and community leaders and investors together to support the Kansas City Startup Community.  We launched a new event – the Pure Pitch Rally. We just held the third annual event and it was electrifying! Thirty Land Sharks gave money to 8 startups who pitched their businesses in 3 minutes (a la the ABC/CNBC TV show Shark Tank). Over $600K in cash and services were awarded. KC VIPs and entrepreneurs were forming partnerships, the room was on fire! I just love the energy and the excitement of the KC startup community. From the new people I meet to the energy I feel when the startups receive their cash and services, I add a little extra spring to my step.

Create a professional team, board, club or group. I tri-founded (if co-founding means two, I believe tri-founded means three!) a networking group with two other professional women who also happen be great friends. The group is Grand Connections, and we are a group of like-minded women who provide support, inspiration, and leadership in KC through our professional and community involvement. Brinda, Carrie and I started the group by each bringing a guest. And then they each brought a guest, and so on. We have grown from 3 to 70, and I feel personally richer because of each of the new members I have met and speakers who have joined our meetings. The group has supported me with advice and connections, and just last week one of the newest members reached out to me for help and advice in her search for a new opportunity and ways to reconnect in the KC Community. We met over lunch, and our time together added spice to my whole day! It felt good to give her some ideas, and I look forward to seeing where she goes next.

Giving back professionally adds fuel to the fire. It turns the routine into an adventure. It prompts new ideas and new points of view. It adds sunshine to a cloudy day.  If you need a spark, give a little support to others and take note of how you feel – I bet your spark becomes a fire!

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