Sing Loud, Be Happy

I have a one week challenge for you:  Change up your morning drive routine and listen (and sing!) to your favorite songs on your drive to work. Studies show that upbeat music makes us happier. I think it is true! Yes, I have done the more “professional” audiobooks and podcasts on my drive to work.  I do enjoy them. I feel accomplished – like I snuck extra time into the day to accomplish something. And, if the podcast or audiobook is good – it is a double bonus – I learn something too.  But still – there is nothing as satisfying and pulling into work with a big smile on your face after jamming to your favorite tunes.

This morning, I decided to do just that! I started with a couple of my Bon Jovi favorites:  Someday I’ll be Saturday Night, and Sleep When I’m Dead. Yes, not the first two songs most people think of for JBJ, but they are sooooo good, have a fun beat, and I know every single word. I fell in love with Bon Jovi in high school. My good friend and I drove 3 hours to see him in Alpine Valley, Wisconsin. We had lawn seats and the venue was packed.  We ended up with an obstructed view. But, it turned out the obstruction was a second platform for Jon. He flew through the air and sang to us! I am pretty sure I relived that moment on my drive in today!

Then was Keith Urban’s Kiss a Girl.  I had an opportunity to meet Keith Urban a few years ago. He is A. MAZ. ING.  Humble, sexy, kind, and as the entire world knows – an incredible talent.  This is another song I love to sing at the top of my lungs with a great beat. And I still remember him dancing and playing his guitar across the stage while everyone screamed.

Paris by the Chainsmokers was next.  The Chainsmokers are a great way to enjoy music with my 15-year-old son, Spencer. The Chainsmokers was his first concert – with his older sister, Chloe. He knows all the songs, and when I drive him to school on Thursdays – I always like it when Chainsmokers in on his playlist.  While Drake and Post Malone have their high points too, I personally enjoy the more upbeat feeling when we are singing loudly to the Chainsmokers!

Kelly Clarkson’s My Life Would Suck Without You is on the top of the charts for me.  My now 20-year-old daughter, Chloe, and I always “scream-sing” this song when it plays.  It’s been out for 9 years – almost half her life. I cannot hear that song and not think about Chloe, nor can I be with her and not “scream-sing” it! Yes – we “scream-sing.” Neither one of us can carry a tune, so we have to turn it up so loud that you can’t tell how bad we are. It is so fun to sing loud and proud – so we do what we need to do!

And for a more mellow song that also has meaning, it’s Take it Easy by the Eagles.  My husband Brian has been singing that song since I met him.  He has a better voice and just turns it up a little loud so he can belt it out. I remember him singing this song in our twenties in Montana, and later on a family trip out west, we stopped to take his picture on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. It was such a fine sight to see.

So, today I bopped into work with a big smile on my face! No, I hadn’t previewed my emails at the stop lights or listened to a marketing podcast. I was not efficient with my drive time and did not check anything off my list. But, I am smiling, happy and know I can take on the day with a little extra kick.  So I challenge you – sing your way to work next week! And, if you sound like Chloe and me – “scream-sing!”

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