The Emotions of Home

During my career at Hallmark Cards, I thought I worked in the most emotional business. We listened to our consumers. We heard them laugh, cry, sigh, smile (so big we actually heard it) and had the privilege of helping them navigate through those emotions with our products, merchandising and marketing solutions.  But then I transitioned to the real estate business. Wow! Talk about an emotional industry.  I participated in focus groups where people shared their most meaningful stories, and how those stories were woven into their home. They couldn’t walk by a door frame without noticing the growth chart lines from their now grown children. The memories are staggering, and it is very difficult to simply take them with you when you move, as the home itself is the ultimate memory container.

So, when people go to sell their ultimate memory container, or when they want to buy a new one, there is so much emotion. Will the real estate agent cherish their home the way do? Will they understand this is a difficult and emotional process? Will they treat this importantly? Will they understand how to best work with them? Are they an expert in the area and type of home they want? Will they get the best financial deal in the current market? Do they understand what is most important to them? Often these questions are never asked or answered. Instead, people choose a friend or select an agent based on their marketing material. But they never really get to the heart of what is important. That can lead to disappointment, frustration, and ultimately a loss of that dream home.

Having been on all sides of real estate business:

  • I have my real estate license
  • I was the Marketing, Media & Technology VP at ReeceNichols
  • I was the Marketing, Media & Technology VP at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
  • I have been a buyer and a seller
  • I have participated in consumer home buying/selling focus group research
  • I have participated in extensive agent feedback focus group research

I would like to offer a solution to solve this problem. If you are looking for that perfect person to help you with your most meaningful purchase/sale in your life, take the Agent Pairing Quiz. As with a fine wine,  when paired well you experience the full benefit. I will review your answers and connect you with an agent that is a good fit based on your expectations and needs. I look forward to finding the perfect match for you!

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  1. Jodi, we as agents don’t alway try to find that emotional connection that makes a difference, thanks for the reminder! Miss you at RN! Hope all is well!

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