Light a fire

As a marketer over the last 20 years, I have tried to create passion, fire, and engagement. My quest is to create the ultimate brand fan! I want to find and build on the reason the consumer loves a brand.

When at Hallmark, I led our Licensing Out division and was charged with selling our Character Intellectual Properties to vendors to create products.  We needed to demonstrate to our licensing partners that consumers would buy the product.  So, our team developed entertainment solutions:  multiple holiday specials, radio broadcasts, interstitials, etc.  The fans loved it, which led to more entertainment and more products and even more authentic fan testimonials.

At ReeceNichols, I dove immediately into consumer research and learned how important it was to consumers that the company they trusted with their most precious asset, their home, was invested in them by demonstrating Loyalty, Motivation, and Expertise.  These were the pillars of our rebranding. Thinking back on some of the most successful marketing that lit the fire, it was the engagement achieved through two of the key initiatives: Sporting Cribs and Home is the Heart.  Sporting Cribs was a partnership with MLS Soccer team Sporting KC where we showed key Sporting KC players in their homes, a take-off of MTV Cribs. This partnership was focused on millennials with a desire to drive brand preference of our company.  The results were terrific and the social media engagement with fans was electric.  Home is the Heart was an umbrella for all our company’s and agents’ philanthropic giving. It allowed our company to support charities important to our agents and gave our agents a platform to share their passions. We were able to really showcase what motivated all of us together, through our love of the KC community.

At Freightquote, I have had the great fortune of working with some of the smartest operations and sales experts who help my marketing team understand what resonates with our customers so we can craft engaging content that delivers on our brand promise and is targeted at our customer personas.  (In addition, I work with a fun team that actually put our elevator pitch on our elevator doors! One of the first things that made me smile when I joined the company in January of 2017.)

I have had the opportunity to give back to KC in several ways, but the most unique and recent opportunity is through the C-Tech Summit as a board advisor and Pitch Committee Lead. This board supports new KC tech startups by showcasing their talents at an annual Pitch Rally where we line the crowd with KC’s business leaders in a “Shark Tank-esque” style. Before the big event where the Sharks write checks to show their support for the entrepreneurs, our team vets the applications. I always look for how the tech startup identifies and addresses the consumer need, and how their solution provides an opportunity that hits a scalable consumer need at its core. At our most recent event, you could hear the crowd cheer as they became fans of the tech startup businesses while sharks cut checks to show their confidence in their business. An electric event that is sure to continue to grow!

So whether you are making holiday specials, peeking into the lives of Sporting KC players homes, developing a Freightquote Sizzle Reel, giving back to KC or whatever your marketing opportunity – remember to find the passion and light the fire to engage your consumers and grow them to become ultimate brand fans!

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